Oregon Country Fair



The Crux & ShimMer Sisters:

Musical Medicine & Aerial Feats


The Crux and Shimmer Sisters performed at the 2015 Oregon Country Fair, where we saved souls and did aerial acts every morning at our special "tent revival" shows on the WC Fields Stage.  This year, we are excited to return to all of the new friends and collaborators that we have in the Fair community.  We want to expand upon our previous show, featuring new songs and tricks while keeping the show an exciting and interactive spectacle. 

Here is our application video for the 2016 Fair... 

(Note: In the video, Reverend Doctor Josh Windmiller says that The Crux Tent Revival was at last year's Fair, but we actually performed on the WC Fields Stage in 2015, not 2016)


And here is our successful 2015 application video, for reference...


Thanks very much for considering our application.  I really hope that we can continue to grow the relationships with all of the great people that we have met at the Fair.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Josh Windmiller, The Crux, and the Shimmer Sisters Aerialists


(707) 326-5274